Louanne has a special gift in that she is able to see your issue, through your words and fumbled explanation. then offer suggestions that you Can use to better your approach to whatever issues you’re dealing with. you rock Louanne.

– G.T

Louanne, just in case I don’t get to see you again in real life, I want to let you know that I am so grateful to have met you. 
You’ve helped me so much over the past months to becoming who I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve taken everything you taught me on board and I can see things will only get better for me one way or another and this is all because of you. You’ve pointed me to the right and clear direction and I’m so ever grateful. 
Hope I’ll bump into you in the first class lounge somewhere soon. 
Love, Angela ♥

– A.W

I did my homework. And I get it. I have everything I’m looking for in my life.
Funny thing happened – as soon as I recognised I was holding onto money fears unnecessarily – a couple of big payments came to me unexpectedly!
Thanks Louanne 

– L.P

Hi again,  L – thankyou – we’ll see where the journey takes us – my position simply that you don’t often come across such a genuine attraction very often in life, so when you do,  you go after it with all guns blazing – in hindsight that approach may have actually scared    Emily a little – she certainly wouldn’t have been used to it – yr advice and guidance (from a woman’s perspective) was crucial in helping me to step back and look at the situation differently – whatever the ultimate outcome,  success or failure,  i will be forever indebted to you for that – you are extremely wise in matters of the heart, L – and very good at sharing that wisdom in a careful and very considered way – keep up the great work!!!
As mentioned before,  i do count you among my close friends so will definitely stay in touch,  yes
Take care once again lovely lady X

– P.F

Hi Louanne,

Thank you for another wonderful session yesterday…but every session is wonderful.

Feeling great relief, also slept well last night.

Much love and gratitude.

– B.B

I absolutely adore you Louanne! I’ve really enjoyed our mentoring sessions and gained so much!

I am very grateful for your advice and honesty on relationships, self development and knowledge on the Demartini Method.

You have challenged me to see the benefits of both sides of every situation and how to have a more fulfilling and inspired life and relationships going forward. I have experiences a massive shift and feel more empowered and in control of my emotions with more clarity, confidence and commitment to being authentic, growing, learning and living within.

Thank you so much Louanne!


– G.S

Thank you Louanne, 

It’s important to learn from all aspects of our experiences. Take ownership of who we are and be the best versions of ourselves. It’s people like yourself that share with us the tools to guide us to understanding how to achieve this. 

Thanks for sharing your light to me. x

– S.C

Hi Louanne, 

Many thanks for our session – loved your style of work, appreciated the value I received from it, and the setting was great too. I have used my identified values often since we met; they have been helpful in deciding on what steps or actions to take. I have completed my 3 action steps to raise my health which I have linked to my highest values. After doing this my list of 30 benefits was easy to write. I have applied for 5 jobs this week! and visualise my wallet and bank account overflowing with money and picking up where we left off with our sessions.

That’s all for now

Hope you’re well and life is a joy! 

– R.B

Hi L – I really enjoyed our session the other day and it’s given me hope that I can move past this current phase and approach things differently from that point – I have to say i’m very much looking forward to being shown how to become more empowered!  

– T.R

Thank you Louanne, you have given me so much confidence & belief. I will do my homework.
 I’m feeling excited & empowered  safe travels 😘

– K.W

Louanne, it was great meeting you and have a session face to face. You are fun and love your energies. And amazing how no one sign of fatigue or any travel related issues were showing. How do you do that? I got a lot out of our meeting, now I need to process them. Please give me exact instructions what you want me to work on and what the expectations are otherwise I just get all cruising as you experienced yourself. I was very happy with the level of connection we had, just felt so natural and nice.

– M.M

Even though at times it’s challenging it’s exciting and makes me feel even more alive than I already did. Your posts and more importantly the comments people make, give me insights into what people actually have going on in their minds in reaction to different situations. I’m kind of like a sponge soaking up the info and growing from it all .  Two years on I received custody of my daughter and another year later my son. I knew I had to learn to not just be Dad but Mum as well. Having my full time care of my children was a gift I was determined to rise up to and be all I could . It was, and still is, an amazing experience that is ongoing. Kelly and Michael are 26 and 22 but parenting never stops. I’m only just getting used to having time to consider me and it’s a work in progress, a journey of discovery that I’m enjoying. Thank you again xx

– E.M.

Great video today  I really liked the idea of wanting to know someone better by asking some fun questions that are thought provoking and that from their and your answers we will both be seeing and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

– A.W.

Thank you Louanne, I loved our session yesterday. It was a brilliant idea to bring Adam and I together, in an actual dating venue. It really contextualized the advice you gave. To have the opportunity to be on a mock date and understand how to connect with a man and leave him wanting more was a game changer for me. The biggest takeaways being, how to enter the room, why giving compliments to a man is so important, where to sit, the difference body language makes and how to use the power of touch.

– D.M.B.

I felt completely different after working on my styling and focusing attention on my best assets, so I felt a lot more confident than I normally do on a date. (Even though it wasn’t a real date, I definitely knew Adam was the male version of me, and was there for the same reason as I was). We were actually chatting about how brilliant it was showing us first-hand, the common mistakes we both make.

You have completely changed my perception of how to date and I can’t wait to get out there and date with confidence…. So here’s to finding a boyfriend and having fun along the way. I promise to stay in touch and let you know how it’s working out. Lots of love

– J.O.

Louanne, you are genius! I cannot believe how much I messed up that text message. But like magic, after sending your message, he texted me while I was driving home after our session. The first time in 2 days!!!!

On the way home, he sent me this: Hey, you are really lovely. You do have a really caring side. It’s not that I don’t want to see you tomorrow, I just have a few work issues to sort through. Thanks for your patience and I will make it up to you, if you are free Thursday? PS. It’s not that I am naturally fun to be with, it’s that you bring out my playful side.

So as you can see I have date 4 all set up for Thursday thanks to you.

I cringe when I think of how many times I’ve been ghosted by sending the wrong messages via SMS… I won’t be making that mistake again!!! Thank you for the showing me the difference. Love you xx

– K.M

My biggest challenge was being able to find a cool chick that was hot. All the hot chicks I met would friend zone me. I literally had become the guy they would cry on the shoulder to, and would always be the plus one when they didn’t have anyone else. Then all the cool chicks I’d meet that were interested in me, I just didn’t feel attracted to. There are so many different methods and theories for this and I’d read a lot on the friend zone subject, but nothing changed until I got the right advice. Louanne is the real deal. After just 4 sessions she turned my dating world around. I now have hot girls that don’t friend zone me. In fact, it’s almost like they seek me out. I’m having the best time of my life, but not only with girls that are just hot. There so many cool, hot chicks around, you just got to know how to find them and keep them engaged.

– D.G

Louanne challenges me to examine situations from multiple perspectives … Louanne’s videos and posts are thought provoking which is often the spark one needs to motivate and inspire to put you on your right path to be the best you can be…

– J.S.

Thank you for fantastic dating advice and for giving up your valuable time to message me. I hope I put your wonderful advice into use successfully Louanne. Thank you once again!!!

– S.K