Coaching vs Counselling

What is the difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Counselling and coaching are similar in some aspects yet very different in others. Coaching revolves around personal and relationship growth and transformation without the mental health aspects on which counselling is primarily focused. As a Coach I do not attempt to diagnose, treat, or manage any serious mental health issues. My role is to help clients understand exactly what is going within themselves, their relationships and their lives, and work with them to create profound, positive change and amazing results within a short space of time.

While coaching involves a discussion of past relationships and other times in your life, it is not like counselling where the effect of childhood experiences in your life are often examined.

I work with people who are having problems personally and in their relationships and they initially come to me feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, lost, hurt and confused.

My coaching sessions give clients a safe and private place to explore what’s really going on for themselves, and with others in their lives (as the two are inextricably interlinked), and in between sessions they are able to make even more progress by completing effective tasks to move them towards their goals (their aims for counselling/coaching).

Clients come back each session having truly transformed, grown and learnt a lot about themselves, their relationships and their life. As the sessions progress they come to realise what’s been holding them back from living the life they really want, they start changing their lives and doing what they need to in order to be happy and balanced both personally and in their relationships.

The key difference between coaching and counselling is that coaching focuses on the doing as well as the talking. Where counselling often takes place over many months or years, coaching can be a short term process. Coaching focuses on real change and can achieve this in a short term period with speed and effectiveness. As a coaching client, you can realistically begin to notice changes within yourself, your life and your relationships after the first coaching session.

As a Life and Relationship Coach, I am 100% invested, passionate and skilled at helping my clients transform their lives and relationships with themselves and others, and achieve amazing results.

I guarantee you will learn new things about yourself and your relationships that are very important to helping you move forward and transform your life, from the very first session you attend!