About Louanne

“Life is about love and fulfilment – the gateway to an enriched life is to empower all areas of your life. Starting with what you truly want.” 

I was 5 years old when my mum and dad migrated from the UK to Australia. The same year my mother left my Dad took on the role of sole parent to 4 young girls all under the age of 9. Being in a foreign country we knew nobody, no aunties, uncles or relatives of any kind. It was just me, my sisters and my Dad.


Watching your father struggle to be strong and sensing his deep loneliness it was always my fantasy for him to find love, we rarely saw my mother. When I started school, seeing all the other kids with their mums the reality of what not having a mum meant was even more painful. I would imagine my Dad with every woman I met from teachers to shop assistants anyone who paid him attention really.


Finally when my dad did meet someone it wasn’t the fantasy I imagined. Theirs was not a conventional relationship as they lived separately for 10 years so my Dad was dividing his time between us girls, his relationship and on weekends trying to blend two families together. My childhood was very pained with the perception nobody loved me. I spent my youth outdoors, climbing trees, riding horses, playing in creeks, fishing and camping, anything to escape and be free. Always in the back of my mind hoping one day my mum would come for me.


When I was 12 my oldest sister ran away from home and we found out later my mum had taken her to live in her homeland America. Another heartbreak as I approached teenage years. Why wouldn’t she take me?


High school was one of the most pained experiences of my life. It wasn’t bad enough my Dad taught at the same school so I was teased and rejected by my peers. I also didn’t look like other girls who were far more developed than me. I was skinny and constantly got called anorexic. I had coke bottle glasses and a skin condition. The only times in my childhood I felt happy was when I wasn’t at school. As I was challenged with my looks I was somewhat infatuated by beautiful women. Watching the Days of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, The Love Boat I dissected every detail from their hair, to nails, what they wore, how they sat and how they walked. My perception was that if I just looked like them my life would be different. So I began to practice to walk elegantly, sit elegantly, shape my nails and pluck my eyebrows. I couldn’t dress differently as we were too poor for my Dad to afford quality clothing. I found a solution for that by getting a job and spending my money on clothes.


I did begin to be more accepted by my peers. Then at 15 my life changed again when my Dad and his girlfriend bought a house together and we were now under the same roof as her and her two children. It’s not that I didn’t like them but the freedom I had known with my Dad spending so much time away with her was stripped away and routine was introduced. I left school at the end of year 11. All I wanted to do was by a car and drive as far away from my life as I could. I got my driver’s licence before my 17th birthday and left home the same month. I drove from the hills as far north as the freeway took me and have lived by the ocean ever since.


Working in retail for several years I realised I would never make money or truly better myself. Sure I had learnt to do the best I had been given with my looks but the void of money and love was not something I was prepared to live with. I started learning about self-improvement and self-development. I couldn’t go to Uni as I was living away from home and had to work to survive. So I read everything I could get my hands on, started doing affirmations and making small changes.


I started my first small business at 19 making lunches for a large door to door sales team and even though I was making more money than my friends I wasn’t exactly inspired. When I saw an ad 28 years ago for a sales consultant in a dating agency my eyes lit up and I was immediately inspired. It was commission based position so I could control my income and I could help people find love. And so at 21 my life began.


Within 2 years of working within the introduction agency I had the opportunity to buy the business from my boss. Being in business for over 25 years in an industry that has seen so many developments and changes meant reinventing and strategizing new systems was an integral to be able to compete with the online dating world.


Over the years I have been involved with the start-up of many businesses and the marketing and developing of ongoing businesses working with people from all walks of life. I have been mentored and studied with some of the most recognised self-development, human behaviourists and relationship experts


As a Demartini Method Facilitator and Dating and Relationship Mentor, I have assisted 1000’s of people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners. I work with clients who are single and wanting to find love, people who are grieving over loss, betrayal, marriage breakdown. Being able to let go of the past and forgive past experiences and the perception of the bad experiences that keep people stuck without fulfilment. For couples suffering relationship fatigue that traditional counselling has yielded mediocre results. I am able to guide you to love and appreciate your partner in a way you never have before.


My mission is to serve you to live an inspired life with clarity and free from false expectations.


  • To help you find your purpose in your career, develop and grow your business.
  • Setting out goals to help you achieve new levels of success in the 7 areas of life; career, finance, love, expand your mental knowledge, have deeper connections with everyone you come into contact with, to perform at your maximum wellness and spiritual level.
  • Strengthen your Relationship
  • Magnifying your Communication Skills
  • Raising your Worth
  • Dissolving Past Hurts
  • Love and Career Strategies to Enhance your Life


Whatever your past or whatever has happened to you has served you.



Qualifications and Education:

2017        Trained Demartini Method Facilitator, Sydney N.S.W.

2017        Master Certification – Matchmaking Institute, New York U.S.A.

2015        Executive Certification – Matchmaking Institute, New York U.S.A



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