What is Love?

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Over the past month I have been preparing the Are You Ready For Love? presentation I was asked to give to share my knowledge and experiences with people that are single looking for love.

In researching for this, I was also forced to look at myself and question my thoughts and beliefs on what love is. This got me thinking about whether or not I actually FELT the love for myself that I was talking about being the most important type of love – SELF LOVE to my audience.

What I realised in giving the presentation is that I am also guilty of not loving myself unconditionally a lot of the time. I place so much pressure on myself to be perfect and be the best I can be that I create these huge expectations that are just impossible to meet! This striving for perfection has been something I have been working on for many years to reduce and let go of yet it still takes hold of me whenever I am presented with a challenge.

Upon reflection and looking at the amount of effort I put into it, I now FEEL this absolute sense of unconditional love and gratitude for all of my perfectionism. I feel so whole and complete in being exactly who I am right here right now that I have no need to search for anyone or anything to fill the void.

This feeling of love coming from deep within me is so huge and powerful that it is hard to describe. Stepping outside my comfort zone has given me so much more than I could have imagined was possible.

This truly has brought me to the point in my life where I can honestly say from my heart that I am being myself, knowing myself and loving myself.

What an amazing place to be!