Opening Hearts

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I am often asked by people what made me become a Coach. Without hesitation I reply, “I am passionate about transforming people’s lives and relationships with themselves and others and opening their heart’s to love.”

The most rewarding thing for me about coaching is helping my clients to open their hearts and connect with their emotions in a way they have never done before. Seeing clients transform before my eyes week by week, mentally, emotionally and even physically in their faces on their journey is something that fulfills me in a way that words cannot describe.

Many people in today’s busy world spend a lot of their time in their heads and suppress their feelings and emotions which keeps them out of their hearts. As we go through life, sometimes we can experience pain or suffering in our relationships or can have things happen to us that cause us to unconsciously close ourselves off from our emotions and bottle them up inside.

I was guilty of living this way for many years, until I learned the hard way that suppressing my emotions was doing me more harm than good, and was keeping me closed off from really connecting with myself and others. In not expressing my emotions, I thought that I was in control and strong. I didn’t realise that other people thought that I came across as cold, aloof and arrogant.

When I first experienced the Equilibration Process in 2006, I learned that for the first time in a long time I had released my emotions, opened my heart and connected with the most authentic part of myself I had ever known. This transformed my life and relationships in so many amazing ways I never thought possible. The mask of strength I had been wearing for so long disappeared, and people were able to see the real me, not the cold, aloof person they had previously seen.

Over the years, I have learned just how important it is to express our emotions whether they are good or bad. Our lives and everything we do are controlled by our emotions. The person we are today is a result of all the memories, experiences and emotions we have had on our journey.

Being able to assist my clients to transform their lives and relationships by connecting with their emotions, opening their hearts and uncovering their authentic selves is the way in which I know in my heart I am making a difference in the world one person at a time.