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Hi and Welcome!


  • Feeling unfulfilled in life, work or love?
  • Holding yourself back from being truly happy and authentic in your life and relationships?
  • Having difficulty and lacking direction or confidence in your life?
  • Wanting to let go of the past and open yourself up to a new relationship?
  • Starting over after a relationship break up or divorce?


Well, you have come to the right place.

My name is Amanda and I am a certified Life and Relationship Coach.

I’m here to help you overcome your personal, relationship and career challenges so you can get back to feeling your best, vibrant self and attract, create and maintain healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships.

My goal is to provide you with powerful processes, strategies and tools for releasing conscious and unconscious blockages, and overcoming challenges, so you can achieve amazing results, live the life you love have the love you deserve.

I would love to help you to totally transform your life and relationships from the inside out.

So, my question to you is – are you ready to begin creating positive change within yourself, your life and your relationships today?


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14 Apr

Dating After Divorce

After divorce, life can be somewhat chaotic. You suddenly realize everything is not how it

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • "There are many people working in the field of life coaching but not all of them should be. Amanda has an incredible gift for guiding clients; she is perceptive, caring and an excellent practitioner of her craft. I came to her a professional, independent woman thinking I had all areas of my life figured out and having done lots of my own self-development work, including psychodynamic counseling. Amanda created a safe space that allowed me to explore blockages and beliefs that were holding me back from truly living life to the fullest. In a two hour session, I was able to shift issues that I had not been able to let go of in five years of counseling work; in a six week course I cleared issues that had been negatively ingrained since I was twelve years old and I'm now thirty eight. Working with Amanda has literally changed my world! My life satisfaction, family relationships, career and dating life are all thriving! Words cannot express adequately how blessed I feel to have found and worked with Amanda. You will not regret having the courage to take this step as well."